I am clearly not a hand model 


First day of my internship today, it was good, there’s a couple of kids who don’t speak a word of English though, and my Spanish is limited to what I remember from watching Dora the Explorer with my niece several years ago. But my friend who is taking Spanish this semester said she’d try teaching me some since it’d probably help her learn at the same time. 

Also, I gave my friend some of my melon yesterday and she didn’t finish it and said she probably wouldn’t so she gave it back, so now I have more creamsicle melon for lunch tomorrow  :3 

And, I haven’t even been in school for a month and I’m already on my second family sized jar of peanut butter. That sounds like I’m just straight up eating it, but no, that’s how many carrots and celery sticks I’ve been eating, so damn good. I also made peanut butter cookies one day because it only required like three or four ingredients. 


Creamsicle melon is the most delicious melon of my life.


A while ago my mom had found my sisters old Blue’s Clues stationary from when she was a kid so I took it with me to school so I could send my sister letters with it. Tomorrow is her first day of college so I sent her a letter. 

But for real. She needs to stop growing up. It’s freaking me out.


The cat came out nicely. The gym badges were so freaking hard, I’m never drawing them again, I don’t like octagons. 



Dads and Tumblr

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I have a wall full of my own art then another with mine and Norman Rockwell’s, and of course Heath Ledger’s Joker ‘cause that make-up is definitely a work of art :) 

On the top the two on the left are printed copies since I gave the orignials away (I couldn’t stop staring at the man covering his face, I think it was the shadows, they just look almost realistic, of course now I stare at the copy when I’m supposed to be doing homework). In the one with the Joker only the boy tying his shoe is original, since the other three are 19 x 24 inches there was no way I could bring them. And of course, the best thing I’ve ever drawn gets hung over the sink :)


I got the new Poets of the Fall CD yesterday, I’ve been listening to it non-stop since, love it. I’m very glad they didn’t try to do anything like “The Happy Song” again, that was just weird. Unfortunately I’ve either been sleeping or doing homework the entire time so I don’t have a favorite song yet, although Jealous Gods is a really good one, I always seem to zone in on that one :)


The top drawing was so damn hard and nerve wreaking, also, the bird is standing on the word “song” if you couldn’t read it, another reason it was nerve wreaking. I did all the lettering first then went back and did the drawings so if I didn’t plan it well I would run out of space, I clearly didn’t plan that one very well, especially since I didn’t always have a picture in mind, I’d just find one later to draw. But I think it came out pretty well. 

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